Pricing & Packages

My pricing is inclusive of all editing and full deliverables of your high res images. With me you own full rights to everything I hand over once edited. If you are in need of additional editing beyond normal adjustments like you see in my gallery, I am happy to accommodate for an additional fee.

Wedding Adventures

A true adventure can last forever, however in 7 hours we can have a lot of fun. Included: Up to 7 hours of coverage, all images edited, online viewing, and downloading. Well suited for weddings and events.

Starting from $4,250
Model in a field

Brand Content

In a relaxed setting and location that suits your story, let's grab some incredible images together. Included: 2-3 hours of coverage, all images edited, online viewing and downloading. Perfect for brands, personal stock content for social media, and more.

Starting from $650

Mini Portraits

Need some updated images for social media or just need some fresh pics in the house? Included: 1 hour of shoot time, all images edited, online viewing, and downloading. Perfect for quick headshots, family sessions, and kids at play.


Production and Film

Working with a creative team on a live film set is all its cracked up to be. The incredible minds that come together to tell the story, create the scene, the light and the feel. My rate for production still is flexible for the project size.

Contact for pricing

FAQ's - and stuff you should know

Where are you based and do you travel?

I live in Southern Utah and have traveled all over the world for shoots! Going somewhere unique? I'm in, tell me when to pack! My rates don't change for shoots that require me to travel, all I ask is that my trip is covered.

When can I expect my photos?

Most shoots take me about two weeks to edit. Depending on the time of year I may be a little more swamped with editing ie; Spring and Fall.

How many pictures will I receive?

Weddings estimated: 1,000
Family or casual sessions: 200-400
Production Stills: 200-1000
*Depends on production and time on set.

What kind of gear to you use?

I never really understand this question but it comes up a lot. So to answer that, I'm all Canon baby! Well as far as my main gear bag goes. I shoot with a 5D Mark III, L Series lens, backup camera is a Sony As7ii, complete Hensel lighting kit for studio and fashion work, Video rigs include: DJI Ronin-S, Free Fly Movi, DJI Mavic Air drone, Rhode wireless audio kit and LED lighting for on the fly low light scenes.

Do you back up your photos?

I shoot everything with two memory cards, so by the time our shoot together is wrapped I have a double set of media. Then I immediately backup all RAW files on a hard drive. The cards I've shot on do not get wiped until your event is edited and shared with you. Even then, I keep your RAW images for a year.

How do you photograph weddings?

Before a wedding I like to have some back story on how this day came to be. Ideally we meet up for a coffee or even schedule a Skype or Facetime meeting. Understanding the relationships and how you want your day to unfold is very important to me. I know all the key shots to capture so don't worry about providing me a list. I prefer full trust between my clients and myself. I should also mention I'm a photography ninja at weddings, meaning I'm everywhere without being obtrusive and in the way.

When on a set do you shoot during filming?

I prefer not to shoot during a take. From being in front of the camera I learned that subtle things out of place off set can really distract you. Ideally, I like to film the crew set up shots, blocking with the director, rehearsal and the real hard work and creativity that goes on behind the scenes where no one ever gets to see.

Do you only work with established models?

Absolutely not. I've been hired by young women and men that are putting together a modeling portfolio or with business professionals that are in need of some fresh promotion images for their brand.