Lifestyle Photographer Amber Goetz
About Editorial Fashion Photographer Amber Goetz

Lifestyle Photographer Amber GoetzThe world around us is gorgeous. When you stop and take a look, there is an infinite supply of inspiration and imagery that demands to be captured and celebrated. For me the most stunning images are created by a brave photographer, a gorgeous subject and an innovative designer, working together in perfect harmony generating killer ideas, intoxicating emotions and the perfect blend of sexy, edgy and a little bit of mystery.

I was a print model and stunt woman for over 11 years, then I decided to jump behind the lens more than 10 years ago. My experience has provided me with a way to make my models feel comfortable and at ease as we collaborate in making spectacular photos. My understanding of light I feel is quite unique, I know how to find the light and let it fall on my own face, let alone create the mood on my subjects.

Myself and my kick-ass design team are up for various size projects, depending on budget and booking availability.  If you’d like to learn more about what it takes to put together a shoot I’d love to hear from you.

Phone: 310-272-6343