Yep, you heard it!

Chasing kiddos around down the trail, lighting your off-road toys, or whatever suits your crew is all fair game to me. When a family reaches out to me to ask about a session the first thing that usually comes out of my mouth is: tell me about your family and why you guys are unlike any family I've ever shot! This usually gets our brains aligned and thinking up some epic photo locations. Or heck, sometimes it might even be in your very own backyard.

The idea is to get my subjects in a space where they feel comfortable and they're having a blast! The incredible photos are the easy part!

Many times I have families with little ones who are concerned about getting their toddlers to cooperate, while yes this can be a chore that literally no one can predict, we've got options. I always suggest grabbing a time frame that works for the napping child. If kiddo is happiest after a nap and a snack, let's have a go-bag ready and shoot for that time!

Or if you have a family member that has a passion for a specific sport or hobby, I'd love to build our session around featuring that unique perspective! I once did a photo shoot with a young senior and his hobby was racing dirtbikes. His mom wanted handsome, straight camera photos and I could tell he wanted nothing to do with that. So we compromised. I said load up the bike, I'll bring my studio lights and we'll grab some killer shots of him shredding around first, then we'll grab up that classic senior headshot. The end result.....everyone was happy! The photos turned out amazing.

No matter what your family dynamic, I promise we can capture something that is beyond your expectations. Everyone will have a good time and you'll have lasting memories from our time together! If you are interested in a family session or even just a portrait session for our children, please reach out. I'd love to hear about your vision.